Calculate GPA's


To calculate your cumulative GPA, you will need to locate the total GPA hours and total Quality Points (QP) on your transcript from each institution you attended and add them together.


If the transcript does not include the total quality points, you can calculate them by multiplying the points for each grade times the total credit hours for the course.  See below:


A = 4 pts

B = 3 pts

C = 2 pts

D = 1 pt

F = 0 pts

CR or P = Not Included

Exclude repeated courses

   (Include only the 2nd grade)


Course Grade = A (4 Pts)

Course Hours = 3

QP for course = 3 x 4 

Result = 12 QP


Divide the total quality points by the total number of GPA hours to determine GPA.  See example below:


UALR = 12 GPA Hours with 48 QP

PTC = 3 GPA Hours with 9 QP

UCA = 5 GPA Hours with 10 QP

Total GPA Hours = 20

Total QP = 67

Cumulative GPA = 67 / 20

Result = 3.35 GPA


To calculate your general education prerequisite grade point, do the same as above using only the prerequisite courses (excluding the elective hours.)


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