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Employee Suggestion Program The Employee Suggestion Program (ESP) is not currently open to submissions while it is undergoing changes based on employee feedback. The ESP will soon return as a key feeder program of Performance Excellence, and will be managed through the Project Coordination Office (PCO). Future project suggestions should concentrate on increasing revenue, reducing expenses or improving customer satisfaction. Please watch for more information about the new program on the Intranet, digital signs, and Inside UAMS announcements. If you have questions regarding the new program, please email pco@uams.edu.

You may also submit your suggestion to the PCO via the link below:
Employee Suggestion Program

What is ESP?

The Employee Suggestion Program (ESP) is a program that provides employees with an opportunity to be rewarded for innovative and creative ideas for improving UAMS.

Who can participate?

All full-time, part-time, or wage/hourly employees of UAMS may submit suggestions.

What are the rewards?

Employees who submit a suggestion that is implemented will receive a Certificate of Recognition and $100. Employees who submit suggestions resulting in tangible financial benefit to UAMS will be rewarded with cash awards of 10% of the financial impact during the first year after implementation, up to $5,000.

How do I submit a suggestion?

There are several ways to submit a suggestion. Complete the form online or complete the PDF form and send via email to esp@uams.edu, or fill out a paper form and either submit to mail slot #566 or deliver to Employees Services on the ground level of the Central Building.

How many suggestions can I submit?

You may submit as many suggestions as you have ideas! However, you may submit a specific suggestion only once during a 12-month period. Each suggestion will remain in the ESP database for one year after submission.

How will I know if my suggestion is adopted?

The ESP Committee will keep you informed of the status of your suggestion as it moves along in the process. You can keep track of your suggestion on the ESP web site.

Several co-workers and I came up with an idea together. Who should submit it?

Ideas may be submitted by several employees from the same department or different departments. You can put everyone’s name on the submission form, and you can split the $100 award if your idea is implemented. You can also share the cash award if your idea results in a financial benefit to UAMS.

I have an idea that probably won’t save UAMS money, but it would improve employee satisfaction. Should I submit it?

Yes. Please share your idea. Employees who submit ideas that are adopted will receive a $100 cash award and a Certificate of Recognition, even if there is no financial benefit. This program is for any idea that will help improve UAMS.

What’s the difference between this program and the “Got An Idea?” link on the UAMS Intranet home page? I thought that was an employee suggestion program.

The “Got An Idea?” link on the Intranet was created three years ago as a way for employees to submit ideas and share thoughts. E-mails were read and monitored and forwarded to the appropriate departments, but the department was responsible for following up on the idea and deciding whether to implement the idea. The ESP program has a formal tracking system to ensure that every idea submitted is appropriately reviewed by the department, and ideas submitted but not implemented will be reviewed by the chancellor’s cabinet. Also, employees were not offered financial incentives for their ideas under the earlier program. “Got an Idea?” has been renamed “Share Your Thoughts,” and this is still a place to pass along comments and compliments. The ESP requires employees to propose a solution, not just notify a department of a problem.

Is the ESP part of the Circle of Excellence?

Yes. Anything we do across UAMS that helps us provide Comfort, Hope and Healing to patients and their families is part of the Circle of Excellence. The ESP includes all aspects of UAMS, not just patient care. Both the ESP and the Circle of Excellence are focused on improving UAMS for patients, families, employees and everyone affected by UAMS.

What if my idea will save a lot of money but costs money to implement?

There are lots of good ideas that departments are reading to implement as soon as funding is available. For example, a recycling program would be an asset for UAMS, but the infrastructure for collecting paper, aluminum and other recyclable materials requires a significant up-front investment, and funds are not currently available for this. Ideas such as this will be forwarded to the appropriate department for evaluation and financial impact. If your idea is already under consideration or funding is not available, you will be notified by the ESP committee.

How does the ESP fit in with the hospital’s Performance Improvement Initiative?

Both of these programs and the Center for Nursing Excellence Issue and Idea Referral Program are designed to get ideas from the front-line to policy makers and department heads who can help take the successful ideas and practices of one employee or one department and spread them across campus so we all benefit from them. The programs will work together, referring ideas back and forth to the most appropriate organization for review and possible implementation. Ideas submitted to the ESP may be forwarded to a Nursing Council for review, but if it’s a new idea that hasn’t already been proposed and UAMS will see a financial benefit, the employee submitting the idea will receive a financial reward. If an employee submits an idea proposed earlier by a Performance Improvement Task Force, they will not receive an award, even if their idea is implemented, because their idea was already under consideration. The key to getting a financial reward is to come up with new ideas that haven’t been suggested earlier.

I have an idea, and I read the ESP forms and am ready to submit my idea, but I don’t know how much it will cost to implement. Where do I find this information?

Provide as much information as you can and be as specific as you can with your submission form, but don’t worry about exact pricing for every single component. “Turn out the lights to save electricity” is not a complete and acceptable suggestion for the ESP, but you don’t need to go around and count every light bulb at UAMS to calculate exact savings. The reviewing department will have easier access to information and can help calculate estimated annual savings. However, you do need to propose a specific solution and outline how it should be implemented.

Who may I contact for questions on the ESP?

You may contact the ESP Coordinator for questions regarding the program at esp@uams.edu. Information is also available in the ESP Administrative Guide.

Suggestions are eligible if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Propose practical improvements to UAMS such as:
    • Improve processes, methods, practices, procedures, operations, or systems
    • Increase revenue, decrease costs, or reduce waste
    • Increase productivity in areas such as service delivery, production of materials or the amount and quality of work produced
    • Increase efficiency by conserving time, material, equipment or natural resources or eliminating spoilage, duplication, breakage, wasted effort or bottlenecks
    • Increase the quality and effectiveness of results or outcomes
    • Improve patient, employee, and visitor safety
    • Improve academic and research programs or outcomes
    • Improve employee retention, engagement, or satisfaction
    • Improve patient care, customer service, or overall satisfaction in UAMS
  2. States specifically what the improvement is and how it can be made.
  3. Are submitted by:
    • an individual employee; or
    • a group of employees submitting the suggestion together and using the same form. (The names of all employees submitting the suggestion should be attached to the form.)

Suggestions are not eligible if they:

  • Constitute a personal grievance or complaint
  • Affect employee classification or compensation
  • Do not include a solution
  • Are the results of assigned or contracted audits, studies, surveys, reviews or research or which suggest a study or survey
  • Concern proposals that management can document as already under consideration
  • Duplicate another suggestion for which an award previously has been granted
  • Are outside the scope of University operations or not allowed by state or federal regulation

ESP Rules

  • Suggestions remain valid for one year from their submission.
  • All adopted suggestions will receive $100 and a Certificate of Recognition.
  • A cash award of 10 percent of the financial benefits, increased revenue or cost savings, will be awarded to the employee or group of employees who made the suggestion.
  • Cash awards normally are paid after one year so that savings can be calculated to determine the award amount. Awards are subject to federal, state and local taxes that will be withheld according to applicable regulations.
  • Decisions made by the Employee Suggestion Program are final. However, if new or additional information is presented, a decision will be reviewed.
  • The ESP has the exclusive right to set award policy and structure. UAMS retains the right to terminate or change the Employee Suggestion Program at any time.
  • The use of employee suggestions by UAMS shall not be the basis of further claims of any kind by the suggester or the suggesters’ heirs or assigns.
  • When a suggestion is submitted to and accepted by the ESP, the suggester agrees that UAMS shall have the right to make full use of the suggestion. This right to use the suggestion shall not in any way be abridged or limited by copyrights or patents.
  • UAMS has full permission to use my suggestion, name and likeness in reports and publications pertaining to the suggestion program.
  • Other requirements and rules are contained in the Employee Suggestion Program Administrative Guide, which is available from the ESP Coordinator and on the UAMS website at www.uams.edu/esp.
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